Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.24.29 PM.pngOne of my greatest skills is facilitation. Throughout my high school and college leadership careers, I have had numerous opportunities to not only learn about facilitation but to actually put my facilitation skills in action. This summer I had the opportunity to be a junior counselor at MASC/MAHS Summer Leadership Camp where I was able to facilitate leadership activities and discussions with High School Students across the state of Michigan. Additionally, I was selected to be a Leadership Safari Guide this August where I will have the opportunity to facilitate leadership activities and discussions with incoming CMU freshmen.

tumblr_nm1ekj6ara1rz4wo0o1_500Throughout my entire life I have always considered myself to be pretty organized. I enjoy being organized and having an idea of planning out my days, weeks, and months. As a leader, it is very important to be organized and keep track of important information and deadlines.


imagesAnother one of my skills is writing. From a young age, I have always found joy in both writing and reading other people’s writing. Expressing my thoughts through words has allowed me to grow as a writer and pursue a minor in English Education.