Leader Advancement Scholar

I first learned about LAS from my student leadership teacher, Mrs. Street when I was a junior. Just as I was being introduced to what this “leadership thing” was all about, imgresseveral seniors in my class had applied and been accepted into one of the most elite, undergraduate student leadership programs in the nation.

While I thought my classmates receiving a scholarship for leadership was neat, what was even better was the program they became part of by receiving the scholarship. Not only did they receive $2,000 per year for four years, but they become part of a cohort along with 40 other student leaders. This LAS resides in Barnes Hall together, enrolls in general education classes with leadership emphasis together, and completes the Leader Advancement Scholarship Protocol.1425489224

Once I truly found my passion and love for leadership during my junior year of high school, I knew that LAS was everything I wanted in my college experience and more. When the application became live Fall 2014, I applied immediately. January 2015, I recieved an email from Dan Gaken, director of the Leadership Institute, notifying me that I was a finalist for LAS. March 4th, 2015, I became a Leader Advancement Scholar and found my new home at CMU.

I couldn’t imagine my college experience without LAS and I cannot wait to see where my journey with the Leadership Institute takes me.