By far, what has made my college experience memorable are the organizations that I’m involved in.

College Volunteer Facilitator Corps (CVFC) Member


CVFC at our annual spring retreat

Ever since I was attended MASC/MAHS Summer Student Leadership Camp as a high 2c0db045e918ad03626c5e63ca1db1a3school senior, I aspired to be accepted onto CVFC. CVFC stands for College Volunteer Facilitator Corps and is a group of 50 dedicated college volunteers throughout Michigan who are dedicated to promoting student leadership in high school students across the State of Michigan. CVFC is a group of College volunteers who work under the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS), the largest student leadership organization in Michigan. MASC/MAHS hosts conunnamed-6ferences, workshops, and camps for high school students to learn more about leadership, personal growth, and how they can make in their schools and communities. As a high school student, my life was absolutely changed my MASC/MAHS events and I was empowered to better myself and live a life filled with gratitude and compassion. Being on CVFC has provided me with countless opportunities to facilitate leadership activities and trainings, which have allowed me to grow as a leader and future educator, but CVFC has also brought me a second family. CVFC is comprised of 50 of the most talented, devoted, passionate, caring people I have ever met and I’m beyond grateful to have an incredible support system in my life.

Student Michigan Education Association

The Student Michigan Education Association or SMEA, is a registered student 12777_290940797726034_790730460_norganization for future educators of all levels. SMEA strives to provide its members with professional development opportunities, friendship, and community service. One of my favorite aspects of


SMEA after listening to Dr. Armbruster talk about Child Protective Services

being part of SMEA is the weekly speakers. At each meeting, we invite a different speaker, usually a CMU faculty member or someone in the education field, to speak about a specific topic revolving around teaching. I’m very grateful to be part of an organization that helps me grow both professionally and personally.

Floor for Senator Barnes & Robinson Hall Council

At CMU, each Residence Hall has its own Hall Council. Hall Council holds weekly meetings for its residents to update 11071609_10153261039997866_358309788583605508_n-1them on news and upcoming events around the hall. Not only has hall council connected me to new faces around the Barnes and Robinson Community, but has allowed me to become more involved in ongoing programs. Additionally, I serve as one of the Floor Senators for 2nd floor which allows me to represent my floor during voting at Hall Council and update Hall Council on our residents’ weekly highlights.

College 101

College 101 is a pcollege-boundrogram I originally heard about at a SMEA meeting and I could not be happier that I took the opportunity to become part of this incredible program. College 101 works with high school students who are at-risk of dropping out. At-risk students come to CMU for an entire Friday and we teach them all about higher education and how it is possible for each and every one of them to obtain. These students often come to us feeling that college is unattainable and over the course of the day we instill hope in them that higher education is an option.

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