tumblr_mwngkydZfG1qkxrtro1_1280It’s often said that a dream without a plan is just a wish. One of the ways I’ve been able to watch myself grow and evolve as an individual is through setting goals for myself. I have goals of all different parameters: long term, short term, big, and small.

Eat healthier and exercise more

They say that the average freshman in college gains 15 pounds their first year of college. That number absolutely scares the crap out of me. I am determined to not only avoid being part of that statistic, but eat healthier and exercise for my own well being.

Continue developing good study habits

In high school, I thought that my study habits were top notch. Then, I got to college and found out everything about studying that my teachers had been telling me for the  past four years was completely true. Studying is essential to learning, retaining, and applying the information on assignments and assessments. I’m determined to continue to keep my study skills sharp and watch all of my hard work pay off.

BE fearlessunnamed-1

At MASC/MAHS student leadership camp, we challenge campers to come up with a BE goal. We ask them to think about how their weaknesses are holding them back and create a goal to overcome them. BE stands for better everyday and then is followed my the adjective students choose to strive to become. I chose BE fearless as my BE goal. Often times, I feel like I let fear hold me back from achieving my full potential. I don’t want to be so worried about the future that I miss the current moment. I want to put my fears aside and be the person I know that I am.

Put my passion for education to action

My passion for education makes me who I am. The thought of teaching is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning and gets me through the days when it seems like the studying never ends. Although I accomplished my previous goal of joining a student organization for teaching/education (I joined the Student Michigan Education Association) I want to continue to further my passion for education by obtaining an executive board position on SMEA.

e695b0429581ac35361d22b42260e3e3Become a high school math teacher.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and honestly, I can’t see myself doing anything other than teaching. Math has always been a subject that I’ve grasped with relative ease. I’ve enjoyed how math requires me to think critically and problem solve, two aspects that many people lack the ability to do in our society. I am excited to eventually teach math, help students who struggle grasping abstract concepts, and relate math to the world all around us. Math is everywhere, and I want to be able to show my students that.

Change the lives of my students the way my teachers have changed mine.

My life has been completely changed by my teachers. They have inspired me, empowered me, challenged me, and helped me grow. I genuinely enjoyed the life that my teachers brought to the classroom and I know that I want to be that person for my students. The best teachers develop relationships and show a genuine care to every one of their students and I can’t wait to be that person to my students. High School is hard, but I know that I can aid students through that transitional period in their life. I will change the world, one student at a time. Click here to watch my TED Talk about teachers who changed my life.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 9.03.38 AMunnamed-2unnamed-3

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