Student Leadership Class/Student Council


Leadership Class before CMU’s Leadership Institute facilitated a leadership day at HHS

Throughout my High School Career, I was involved in Holly High School’s leadership class and student council. One of my favorite parts about leadership class was being part of such a warm, welcoming group. Every single person in leadership was always so kind and compassionate and made our third hour feel like a family instead of just a class. Besides the friendships I gained from being part of leadership class, I was also challenged to step outside my comfort zone more than I could’ve ever imagined. I went from being the shy, quiet girl, to designing homecoming tickets, being the chair of spirit week, running the Holly Students twitter account, and so much more. I would not be who I am today without the experiences and relationships I formed within leadership class.



Me and my friend, Maddi,  who I met through MASC/MAHS

Throughout my time in leadership class,  I had the opportunity to be involved in events put on by the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies, also known as MASC/MAHS. From my sophomore year onward, I attended Leadership Training Institutes, Regional Conferences, State Conferences, and Summer Camp. MASC/MAHS helped me break out of my comfort zone even more, connect with other student leaders across the state, develop my leadership capabilities, and find ways to passions to action. MASC/MAHS has impacted my life in such a positive way that I applied to be on the College Volunteer Facilitator Corps (CVFC), a group of college volunteers who are able to volunteer and work closely with MASC/MAHS throughout their undergraduate careers and I was accepted into CVFC in May 2015.

Varsity Golf


My teammates and I after we broke a school record

I joined Holly High School’s golf team my freshman year having never picked up a golf club in my entire life. However, with many hours spent on the putting green and the driving range, and some guidance from my teammates and coaches, I quickly grasped the sport and found a passion for golf. I was on the team from freshman year to being captain my senior year. The friendships and memories I made while on the golf course are some of my fondest memories from my high school career. Additionally, I was part of breaking two school records, Team Score for 9 holes and Team Score for 18 holes and during my senior year I was named an Academic All-State individual.

Career Prep

During my senior year of high school I had the opportunity to sign up for Career Prep, a capstone type class for aspiring teachers to spend time in a classroom. For two trimesters, I had the opportunity to spend an hour a day in Mrs. Pinch’s 8th grade Social Studies classroom and learn more about what goes into running a class


My students and I on my last day at Holly Middle School

room and teaching students. Career prep was one of my favorite high school experiences; I like to think that it was being in a classroom for an hour a day that really set my heart on being a teacher. Though I’ve always known I wanted to be a teacher, walking into a classroom full of students every morning was such a blessing and made me confident in my lifelong dream of becoming an educator.